`NOTE: This is only suitable if you have ALREADY paired your smart device with the card reader before (as shown in our First Time Pairing Guide). If you have not done this before, please proceed to that guide first before using this guide.

Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your smart phone/tablet and turn the Mint mPOS Reader on and it will start in Ready to Connect mode. In Ready to Connect mode, the Bluetooth icon will stay solid on the Mint mPOS Reader display as shown below.

Ready To Connect Mode

In Ready to Connect mode, your Mint mPOS reader is not discoverable by any other smart phone/tablet but will connect with a previously paired device that has Bluetooth enabled.

Ready to Pair Mode

If you last paired with a different smart phone/tablet, your Mint mPOS will need to go back to Ready to Pair mode. To activate Ready to Pair mode, press and hold the Enter key until the Bluetooth icon starts to flash. Once the pairing process is completed, the old pairing will be removed automatically.

Sleep Mode

To place your Mint mPOS Reader in Sleep Mode, tap the power button until the display turns off.

Note: To preserve battery power your Mint mPOS Reader will automatically enter Sleep Mode after one minute of inactivity. In Sleep Mode, Bluetooth will automatically switch off.

To check if the card reader is connected to the app, select About. If the app is connected the Card Reader serial number, device model and battery life will be visible as shown below:

Note: You should only have one Mint mPOS Reader paired at any time. Ensure you unpair/forget all other Mint mPOS Readers from your smart phone/tablet. This can be done by accessing Settings/Bluetooth on your mobile device.

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