The Signature Verification Code is preset to ‘0000’. You do not need to enter an existing Verification Code in order to set a new one.

How to set/change your Signature Verification PIN:

Access the Settings menu by swiping right or pressing the Menu icon in the top left of the screen then tap App Settings.

2) Check Signature Verification is set to On then select PIN.

3) Enter a new 4 digit PIN.

That's it! You're done.

Purposes of the signature verification PIN

Using your Mint mPOS app with another smart phone / tablet

You can use the Mint mPOS App with another smart phone/tablet by logging in with your user ID and PIN. All functionality and access will be the same, but the Signature Verification PIN is specific to the smart phone/tablet that you are using, so this may not be the same if you are using a different smart phone/tablet.

If another user accesses the Mint mPOS App with their user ID and PIN, they may choose to change the Signature Verification PIN again.

Verifying transactions by signature when Insert / Swipe is used to take a payment

Please see our taking a payments guide.

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