Transaction history allows you to view previous transactions through the Mint mPOS App, as well as refund or reissue receipts for previous transactions.

Select Transaction History from the Settings menu.

You can browse previous transactions or Search for specific transaction using a System Trace Audit Number (STAN). This number can be found by selecting the transaction and bringing up the transaction details.

Using Refine, you can search for transactions using any of the following details:

• Card Holder Name

• Card number last four digits

System Trace Audit Number (STAN)

Sales Note

Date and Time Range

Press Search when you have completed the relevant fields.

The results will show you the total value by your search filter in the top left of the screen. Select the transaction from the results to view Transaction Details.

You can also Reissue Receipts or Refund transactions from this screen. For more info on how to do this, please see our Reissuing receipts guide or our Refund guide

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