Before you start, ensure that:
•The Mint mPOS Reader is switched On.
•The Mint mPOS Reader is paired to your smart phone/tablet.
•You have Signed In to the Mint mPOS App.

Entering in a new sale

1) From the New Sale screen, enter the Purchase Amount ignoring the decimal point. E.g., If the item is$3.50, enter 350.  

2) To add another item (optional), add the cost amount then press the + button
E.g., If you wanted to add another item worth $5.00, enter 500 then press +. You can use C to clear the total and restart the transaction.

3) Pressing the Add Note field (optional) allows you to enter any informationrelating to the transaction. You can search using the entered note to easily locate a specific transaction. 

4) Press Pay in the top right hand of the screen to continue. 

Confirming payment

The confirmation screen allows you to confirm the total transaction amount that shall be debited from your customer, including any surcharges (for more information, go to Settings).

Tap, Insert or Swipe card

You may be prompted to the select card entry mode: Tap or Insert/Swipe. The app will automatically select your preferred method based on the default card entry mode that has been set in the App Settings. For more information, see Settings.

The card entry mode can be changed from Tap to Insert/Swipe depending on your customer’s preference, simply select which entry type they prefer.

If Tap is selected:

The card reader will display the contactless symbol.

Tap the card on the reader screen, the lights on the device will light up when the card is detected;

The reader may ask the customer to enter a PIN, or insert / swipe the card to process then transaction.

If Insert or Swipe is selected:

With the chip facing up, insert the card into the slot at the bottom of your Mint mPOS Reader;

The card can be swiped through the slot located at the top of your Mint mPOS Reader. You can swipe the card either left to right, or right to left.

Account Selection

1) Your customer must select an account on the Mint M10 reader
2) Press 1 for Cheque, 2 for Savings and 3 for Credit (includes both debit and credit cards).

Transaction verification by PIN

1) Your customer must enter their PIN, then press the Enter button on the reader.
2) If the PIN is correct, the Transaction Approved screen will display (For more information, see Transaction Approved instructions below).

Transaction verification by Signature

1) Obtain the customers signature by getting them to sign on the screen using their finger.

2) Verify the signature against the one shown on the card. At this point it is safe to remove the card from your Mint m10 Reader.

3) Tap Verified if the signatures match. Tap Void to cancel the transaction if the signature does not appear correct and you are concerned about the validity of the card.

4) Enter your four digit Signature Verification PIN to confirm the signature. Note: The Signature Verification PIN is defaulted to 0000.

Transaction Approved

Once the transaction is approved, both the Mint mPOS app and the Mint mPOS Reader will show the Transaction Approved screens.

Issuing a customer receipt

You can SMS or email transaction receipts from the Transaction Approved screen by selecting Issue Receipt. If no receipt is required, select No Thanks.

You can reissue receipts, see Reissuing Receipts for more information.

SMS receipt

If your customer wishes to receive an SMS receipt, enter the customers mobile number in the SMS receipt field.

Email receipt

If your customer wishes to receive an email receipt, enter their email address in the Email receipt field, then press Send.

Reissuing a receipt

Access the Settings menu in the top left hand of the app and select the Transaction History option. Locate the transaction by:

• Using the System Trace Audit Number (STAN) or

• Scrolling through the records to find the original transaction

• Select the relevant transaction, complete the SMS or email details and press Send.

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