Navigating Your mPOS M10

Get to know your new device with the diagram below.

  1. Swipe Card Slot - reads magnetic stripe cards.
  2. LED Display - displays instructions for user.
  3. Power Button - used to power the terminal on and off and
    enter sleep mode.
  4. Revive Button - pin-hole reset button used to activate the
    Revive feature.
  5. Enter Key - confirms actions including PIN entry.
  6. Cancel Key - cancels actions including PIN entry.
  7. Clear Key - removes the last PIN digit entered.
  8. Card Slot - reads chip embedded in the card.
  9. Charging LED - red LED above Micro-USB connector, indicates
    unit is charging.
  10. USB connector - USB Micro-B receptacle used for charging.
  11. Contactless LED - green LEDs indicate different stages of a
    contactless card transaction