Approving Payments

This can only be completed by a user with administrator access. It is the process for editing or approving payments that have been created.

  1. Click on Pending Payments in the main navigation.
    Here you will see a list of all payments that have been created and are pending approval by an administrator.
  2. To make an amendment to a payment before approval, click on the edit icon next to the transaction you wish to change.
    This will show the information associated with the payment. Once you have made the required changes, click Update.
  3. To Approve payment, select the individual payment records or click Select All, then click Approve. A confirmation box will appear, select Confirm to approve the payments.
  4. The payments will no longer be listed on the Pending Payments page, and can be seen as approved on the Transactions tab.

Note: The daily cut-off time for payments to be processed is 6.30pm (AEST), payments must be approved by this time to be included in that day's processing.