Choosing HPP or API for WooCommerce

Select the relevant version of your WooCommerce Payment Plug-in.

Once you have installed the Mint for WooCommerce payment plug-in, you will need to select the relevant option for how you will be using the plug-in and connect your Mint account.

There are two options for how to use Mint for WooCommerce payments - HPP or API - the option you select will depend on your business's requirements and your ability to manage security compliance.

HPP (Hosted Payments Page)

The most common option, this uses your Mint payments page to process payments, and means that the requirements for PCI DSS compliance (security of customer payments information) lies with Mint.
This option can be completed without the assistance of a developer.


This option provides more flexibility and the ability to customize what the payments page looks like. In this scenario, the merchant has the responsibility to ensure PCI DSS compliance with regards to the capture and/ or storage of customer and payment information.
To implement the API, you may need to work with a developer.

Selecting HPP or API in Payment Settings 

Setting how the plug-in will be used can be completed as follows:

  1. Log in for WP Admin account.
  2. Navigate to the WooCommerce plug-in, settings, payments tab.
  3. You will see both Mint HPP & API listed, and will need to enable the relevant option in the Enabled column.
  4. Follow the steps to configure the settings for HPP or API.