Turn Your M10 Off, or Use Power Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode helps conserve the battery life of your M10 card reader when not in use - use it when you need the device at the ready, but don't want to lose battery. When you're done for the day, turn the device off.

Using Power Saving Mode

To preserve battery power your Mint mPOS Reader will automatically enter Power Saving Mode after one minute of inactivity.

If you wish to manually place the reader into Power Saving Mode, tap the power button and the display will turn off.

In Power Saving Mode, Bluetooth will automatically switch off.

Note: Power Saving Mode can be disabled within the Mint App or if you have it permanently connected to power.

Waking The Device Up From Power Saving Mode

If your mPOS M10 is in Power Saving Mode, complete one of the following to wake it up

  • Press any key
  • Swipe or Insert a card
  • Insert the USB charge cable

Turning Off The Device

Press and hold the power button until the display shows Shutting Down and the display turns off.
Note: Once off, the Mint mPOS Reader will only turn on if the power button or the Revive button are pressed.