Navigating the Mint Merchant Portal

The left side navigation bar displays the portal's main menu, this will allow you to view and manage your transactions and merchant facilities.

  1. Dashboard
    A real-time snapshot of your daily and monthly transactions including sales, refunds and declines.
  2. Virtual Terminal
    Access your Virtual Terminal.
  3. Company
    Access and customise your Hosted Payments Page, apply or adjust surcharges, configure your receipts.
  4. Users
    Create and manage users and their permissions.
  5. Readers
    View your active M10 device(s).
  6. Transactions
    View and export your transactions or process refunds.
  7. Daily Summary
    View and reconcile your daily transaction summaries.
  8. Exports
    Download your available exports.
  9. Settings
    Reset the password for the logged-in user.