Navigating The mPOS App

Here you will find detail on how to navigate the Mint mPOS App which is used to process transactions with the M10 card reader

To access the App menu, tap the Menu icon at the top left of the app screen or swipe right anywhere in the Mint mPOS App.

  • New Sale - Process a new payment
  • Refund - Refund a transaction using an invoice number.
  • Transaction History - View all transactions processed by mobile users registered to the Mint mPOS facility. This is also where you would process a refund.
  • App Settings - Change the signature verification PIN and change the default card entry mode (if supported).
  • Support - View Mint mPOS contact details and online support information.
  • About - View details of the Mint mPOS App version and card reader information, including:
    Reader serial number, device model and battery level - NOTE: If you cannot see this information, this means that the mPOS is not connected to your device.
    This screen can also be used to check for app updates.
  • Logout - Sign out of the Mint mPOS App.