Process a Refund on Your Move5000

If you have previously processed a sale using your Move5000, follow the steps below to process a full or partial refund.

Note: You must have the card present in order to process a refund.

You should only provide a refund to the same card as the original transaction, this can be checked by comparing the last 4 digits of the card number to those shown on the original receipt.

  1. Press the Menu key on the home screen, and press 1 for Transactions, then 3 for Refund.
  2. Enter your refund password and press Enter.
  3. Ask the customer to insert or Swipe their card.
  4. The customer will then be prompted to select their account type: Cheque, Savings, or Credit.
  5. When prompted, the customer will need to enter their PIN. You will then need to press Enter to print the refund receipt to sign. Even if a PIN is entered, a signed receipt is still required.