Processing a Transaction on the WisePad 3

Process a transaction on the WisePad 3 device using the MintPay App.

Note that you will need to have downloaded the MintPay App and connected your device before you are able to process a transaction.

To create a sale:

  1. Select New Sale in the MintPay App menu.
  2. From the New Sale screen, enter the total sale amount in dollars and cents ignoring the decimal point (that will be added automatically). E.g. if the sale amount is $3.50, enter 350.
    Enter the item amount, then press +. Repeat for each item in the sale.
  3. Press Pay on the top right of the screen when you are ready to process payment.
  4. A checkout screen will appear showing the total sale amount and including a breakdown of the items and any surcharges that apply. If the amount is correct and you wish to continue, press Proceed.
  5. Tap the card or the screen or Insert it into the slot at the bottom of the reader with the chip facing up.
    For contactless (tap) transactions, the reader may ask the customer to enter a PIN, or insert the card to process the transaction.
  6. The status of the transaction will be displayed (Approved or Declined).
  7. You can then share an email or SMS receipt with the customer from the App.

To view your full transaction history or export data for reporting, visit the Mint Merchant Portal.