Reconciling Transactions in Shopify & The Merchant Portal

Orders placed via the Shopify platform can be easily reconciled within the Mint merchant portal.

Once the transaction has been successfully processed within Shopify the transaction details are available under the transactions tab of the Mint portal.

Each Shopify order will be allocated a unique payment reference number.

You can identify the payment reference number in the Mint portal by clicking on the relevant transaction, and scrolling down to Transaction details > External Invoice Number.

Exporting orders from Shopify

To reconcile orders for a specific criteria, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Shopify account.
  2. From the navigation bar select Orders.
  3. Apply the relevant filters - for example, date range.
  4. Click Export.

Exporting transactions from Mint Portal

  1. Login to your Mint Merchant portal.
  2. From the navigation bar select Transactions.
  3. Apply the relevant filters.
  4. Select Export to CSV.

Reconciling transactions

When completing reconciliation, you will refer to Payment Reference (column H) in the Merchant Portal file, and External Invoice Number (column L) in the Shopify file.

NOTE: The Payment Reference will be displayed in a different format to the Shopify export. I.e. c20412829696200.1 - the first character “c” and the last 2 digits “.1” should be ignored when completing your reconciliation.