Shopify FAQs

The questions we are most commonly asked about using our payments plug-in with Shopify.

Can I tick “Enable test mode” during installation?

Please do not tick Enable test mode because the Terminal and SecureCode provided by
Mint Payments are already in the production environment.

How do I get the Terminal and SecureCode?

A unique Terminal and SecureCode are assigned to one website, you will receive this during onboarding with Mint. If you cannot find these, get in touch with Mint Support.

I want card scheme logos display on my website, what can I do?

You can tick the card schemes you want while installing.

Why can’t I find a credit card payment option on the payment installation page?

You need to open the installation link provided by Mint Payments to install. Only shop owners have access to install a payment method.

Why can’t I find the credit card payment method on the checkout page of my website?

The payment page is after the order information form, please submit the order information form first.

Can I install more than one Third-party provided payment method?

You can only install one Third-party provided payment method.